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The school

The French “Grandes Écoles” are a system of highly selective public engineering institutions authorised to award the prestigious “diplôme national d’ingénieur”. Grenoble INP – Ensimag ranks among the very best French “Grandes Écoles” and trains highly skilled students in the fields of applied mathematics and computer science.

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    Grenoble INP – Ensimag has developed a curriculum and trains students with an excellent scientific expertise to meet the current and future needs of companies, and society as a whole.

  • Engineering programme

    The engineering programme offers a comprehensive curriculum comprised of both high-level scientific courses in computer science and applied mathematics, and technical courses completed through projects and internships. This degree is standardised using the Bologna Process and ECTS System, which facilitate student mobility. After a first year of common studies dedicated to the acquisition of scientific foundations through a common core, students choose a specialisation of their choice from 4 possible pathways: • Financial Engineering • Information Systems Engineering • Embedded Systems and Connected Objects • Mathematical Modelling Vision, Graphics and Simulation

    Access to Ensimag’s engineering training programmes
  • Master’s degree

    Grenoble INP – Ensimag proposes 4 master’s programmes fully taught in English which offer international students a high-level of training in the fields of computer science and applied mathematics: • Master of Science in Cybersecurity (CySec) • Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble (MoSIG) • Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (MSIAM) • Master of Science in Operations Research, Combinatorics and Optimisation (ORCO)

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  • Incoming student mobility (Exchange programmes)

    Exchange programmes allow international students to study at Ensimag for a semester or year as part of their programme at their home university. Ensimag is delighted to be part of 150 exchange agreements and 25 double-degree agreements. Exchange students have access to all of our courses on offer (engineering and master’s programmes).

    Joerg – Germany

    “Now, when looking back, that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My French has improved from “rather bad” to “quite ok”, I actually hold two diplomas in computer science, and I have had the difficult task of choosing between job offers from companies both in France and in my home country”

    Albert – Spain

    “My experience at Ensimag has been very positive. Grenoble is located in a perfect spot in the middle of the French Alps – it’s close to most of the best ski stations in Europe! (…) I took the double degree programme in Financial Engineering, and I am currently working in Tokyo in an investment bank.”

    Alex – USA

    “I had a great time studying in Grenoble: the area has so much to offer and I met new people from all over. Living in another country can pose some interesting challenges, but I found Grenoble both hospitable and open. Some days I enjoyed just exploring the surrounding area (not to mention all the skiing and hiking available). Having a large student population means that there are always plenty of young people out and plenty to do. One of my goals for studying abroad was to gain some international perspective in my field. So at Ensimag I appreciated the opportunity to work alongside other French students. It was also a good way to practice my French and learn some of the technical vocabulary that I’d never be taught at home. I found classes to be well-taught and fairly in-depth. Plus, I could relate new material in classes here with what I’d already seen before. In short I found my stay in Grenoble both enjoyable and beneficial. I jumped at the chance when I heard about my university’s exchange, and I think it would have been foolish not to.”

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At Grenoble INP – Ensimag, professors are also researchers

Grenoble, France’s first leading research centre after Paris, is recognised as a leading centre of technological innovation. Our teachers are also researchers of science and applied mathematics who work in laboratories of international renown. Engineering diplomas open doors to research careers through PhD programmes.

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